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    AirFast: Crockham Hill Community Broadband
    Community run
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    AirFast: Crockham Hill Community Broadband
    Covering East Surrey, West Kent, Chartwell, Chiddingstone,
    Crockham Hill,Hever, Itchingwood Common
    Limpsfield, Lower Limpsfield Chart,
    Pootings, Toys Hill, Trevereux Hill


AirFast.net was established in 2012 to provide High Speed Broadband to areas where residents had non-existent or very poor traditional broadband coverage. AirFast.net has established a hybrid fibre/wireless broadband network currently linking multiple nodes/transmitters to a number of fibre backhauls/connections to distribute our network to many customers across East Surrey and West Kent. Our expanding network has revolutionised not spots and had has provided many residents and businesses with a much needed and valuable broadband service. Our team of local entrepreneurs and businessmen have funded and built a state of the art modern network to meet the demanding needs of our modern internet devices.

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