Broadband Service Terms

GDPR compliance

AirFast is committed to all aspects of data protection and takes seriously its duties under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the protection of its subscriber’s confidential information.
This policy sets out how AirFast deals with its subscriber’s personal information and is relevant for directors, personnel and third-party service collaborators.
The AirFast Finance Manager shall be AirFast’s Data Protection Officer and is responsible for the implementation of this policy.
AirFast has notified the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of it’s use of subscriber’s personal data in various areas of the company’s activity.
The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) builds on the existing Data Protection legislation to help ensure that personal data is handled securely. AirFast takes this very seriously: we keep our policies and procedures under continuous review to ensure that we comply with all regulations. One of the new requirements is for permission to be given to use personal data. We hold information about AirFast subscribers that we use to communicate with them regarding the Company’s activities as well as to ensure the smooth running of the internet access services which we provide.
The following are the principles by which we operate

1. AirFast will use subscriber’s data to record their engagement with us and to manage their subscription and technical maintenance of their service. We will occasionally use subscriber’s data to communicate with them regarding AirFast activities that may be of interest. We will never sell subscriber data to third parties.

2. AirFast works My IT Wizard Ltd (MyITWL), to provide additional services and support. It is necessary for MyITWL to have access to AirFast subscriber data to be able to provide these services. MyITWL has a Data Protection Policy which mirrors that of AirFast.

3. If a subscriber leaves the AirFast service, their details are erased from AirFast’s database and similarly that of MyITWL

Broadband Terms and Conditions

1. What we provide

The service we agree to give you includes:

1.1 A high-speed broadband service with three packages available of upto 20mb download/upto 10mb upload (Toys Hill only), upto 24mb download/upto 6mb upload for all other services.

1.2 A 24 hour (voice mail) service phone contact, response during office hours 09:00 – 18:00

1.3 Installation of network equipment required to enable you to use the service

The equipment we agree to loan you includes:
1.4 Suitable cable router, which remains the property of for the duration of the service and must be surrendered if your service ends.

1.5 Suitable wireless receiver, which remains the property of for the duration of the service and must be surrendered if your service ends.

1.6 Or any other equipment required providing you with a service will remain the property of for the duration of the service and must be surrendered if your service ends.

1.7 It is your responsibility to care for the equipment and not misuse or damage in any way. This includes wilful damage, accidental damage, theft or any other loss that may occur other than equipment failure covered under our service warranty. Replacement fees may apply if the equipment does not meet the above. See Fees and Other Charges.

2. Testing your service

1.8 Our service can only be guaranteed if we have clear line of sight between the transmitter (node) and your receiver. Obstacles including trees and buildings may influence the resulting service.

1.9 We will test the service we have installed and confirm it meets our specification and your expectations. All speed testing will be from one of our approved laptops using a spare LAN port on the router we have supplied. Wireless speed testing is not an indicator of a reliable speed test due to the nature of wireless technology.

1.10 Speed testing can be carried out using an approved speed testing facility at Please note that all free to use speed testers are subjective and rely on advertising to promote their sites. Results will vary and are only an indication of speed and service.

3 When the service starts

3.1 The service is subject to a minimum period of 24 consecutive months. The service and the minimum period of 24 consecutive months will start on the day we install the service (the service start date). We will agree a date with you for delivery and installation of any equipment, but all dates are estimates and we cannot guarantee we will meet them.

3.1If you need to change or cancel any appointment date, you must tell us at least three working days prior to the scheduled appointment or we may charge you a missed appointment fee.

3.2 During installation there must be a responsible adult present in your home. Where this person is not you, it must be someone authorised by you to make decisions regarding the location and installation of equipment.

3.3 On the day of installation, the engineer may need to disconnect your current broadband service for a short period. If you already have broadband, this may be taken out of service during the installation.

4 Cancelling the Service

4.1 You may cancel your agreement for Broadband by contacting us at any time up until three days prior to the Broadband scheduled install date (see 3.1). However, you will be liable to pay for any work that we have started or completed to install any equipment

5 Quality of Service

5.1 We aim to provide a continuous, high-quality service, but we do not guarantee either the quality of the service or that the service will be available at all times. From time to time faults inthe service may occur some of which beyond our control, and maintenance on the network may be required which causes disruption. We will repair these faults as soon as we can and perform network maintenance when the network is least busy.

5.2 We may also take action to manage the network's performance during periods where there is a high demand.

6 Changes we may make

6.1 Occasionally, we may have to interrupt the service. If we do, we will endeavour to advise you beforehand wherever possible and will restore it as quickly as we can. We may also make minor changes to certain technical specifications, including limits for transferring information which are associated with the service.

7 Changes you can make

7.1 If you move house during the 24 consecutive month minimum period, and continue to receive a Broadband service, your existing terms will be carried over. Additional costs may be charged to remove and relocate your service.

7.2 If you move home during the 24 consecutive month minimum period, to a part of the UK where do not offer a Broadband service, cancellation charges may apply including early termination.

7.3 A new house owner taking on the existing service will sign a transfer of service document, the rights to any monies paid by the previous owner will be agreed between the previous owner and the new, the terms will be transferable, i.e. the new owner will inherit the service and its remaining term. If the new owner does not wish to continue with the service then the cancellation or termination conditions apply to the previous owner. No refunds will be offered by in this case.

8 Ending your Agreement

8.1 If you leave within 24 consecutive months of the Broadband service start date and do not return the property belonging to, a charge for any hardware taken will be payable . If you keep the hardware and remain with for at least 24 consecutive months any payment for the set-up and/or hardware will be waive

d. You will also have the option to pay for the set-up and hardware upfront. If you choose to end your Broadband service within the minimum period of 24 consecutive months, you will have to pay a termination charge by way of compensation for ending your service early. This charge will be calculated by multiplying the number of months remaining in your minimum term by a monthly early termination charge.

8.2 Your service will continue on a 12 month rolling agreement after the end of your 24 consecutive month minimum period. 3 months’ notice must be given in writing or email to end your agreement with us after the minimum 24 consecutive months.

8.3 Your termination request will be in force once your termination request had been confirmed in writing or email by us.

9 Fees and Other Charges

9.1 Any additional charges that are not included within our standard installation charge will be highlighted during the installation. These may include additional fixings, non-standard ladder access, masts and cable. Other fees may be chargeable to replace or repair non warranty works as follows but not limited to:

9.1 Additional works hourly rate £70.00

9.2 Ad-Hoc hourly rate £70.00

9.3 Replacement router £70.00 (does not include installation at hourly rate)

9.4 Replacement receiver £150.00 (does not include installation at hourly rate)

9.5 Additional cable, fixings, masts, scaffold and or extreme ladder works will be quoted to you in advance (does not include installation at hourly rate)

9.6 Missed appointment £100.00

10 Normal Hours of Business

10.1 Our normal Hours of business are 09:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday. Should you require service please call our 24 hour voice mail service line on 01732 446461. We will aim to respond as soon as possible within normal business hours.

10.2 Installation works are 09:00 – 18:00 seven days a week, weekends by arrangement.

10.3 Service works are 09:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday

10.4 We recognise United Kingdom Bank and Public Holidays as non-business working days.

11 Payment for your Service

11.1 Payment for your service will be either as a lump sum in advance for the 24 consecutive month plan or monthly via DD or SO with your bank. Fees are due in advance of service and must be paid within 14 days of invoice date for 24 month initial period, or at month end for monthly payment. Failure to settle accounts will result in your service being blocked and sent to a holding page until settled.

General Version 1.7 270614 Fair Access Policy and Acceptable Use Policy

1. Application of the Service

1.1 You are required to sign-up to an appropriate account type depending on your required utilisation. Home accounts are provided for Consumers. If you wish to use your account commercially then you must sign-up to a Business account where appropriate. For guidance, we consider commercial use to be at a level above that which is running a part time Business or supporting any kind of hobby. Business accounts must be used if the account is to be used from any official Business.

2. Sharing the service

2.1 You may not share or redistribute your service by any means; this includes wired and wireless connection other than your home connected devices.

3. Disruption to the Service

3.1 You may not disrupt the Service(s). The Service(s) also may not be used to interfere with computer networking or telecommunications Services to any user, host or network, including, without limitation, denial of Service attacks, flooding of a network, overloading a Service, improper seizing and abuse of operator privileges and attempts to "crash" a host. The transmission or dissemination of any information or Software that contains a virus or other harmful feature is also prohibited. You are solely responsible for the security of any device you choose to connect to the Services, including any data stored on that device.

3.2 Using the Service, particularly "Always On" products, to run open servers, such as SMTP relay, web proxy and NNTP, is prohibited. We define an open server being one which can be connected to over the Internet by hosts not in a trusted list.

4. Inappropriate Use

4.1 There may be content on the Internet or otherwise available through the Service(s) which may be offensive to some individuals, or which may not be in compliance with all local laws, regulations and other rules. For example, it is possible to obtain access to content that is pornographic or offensive, particularly to children. We can assume no responsibility for the content contained on the Internet or otherwise available through the Service(s). You must assume the risk of accessing content through the Service, and neither we nor any of our employees, shall have any liability for any claims, losses, actions, damages, suits or proceedings arising out of or otherwise relating to access to such content. Parents may want to use a program capable of restricting access to sexually explicit material on the Internet. Content questions or complaints should be addressed to the content provider, and not us.

4.2 You are solely responsible for any information that you publish on the Internet or other Internet Service(s). You must ensure that the recipient of the content is appropriate. For example, you must take appropriate precautions to prevent minors from receiving inappropriate content. We and our employees reserve the right to refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that it, in its sole discretion, deems to be offensive, indecent, or otherwise inappropriate regardless of whether such material or its dissemination is unlawful.

4.3 You must not use the service or allow the service to be used in any way which breaks any law or the conditions of any licence or rights of others; to make offensive, indecent, menacing actions or to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety; to send, knowingly receive, upload, download, or use any material which is offensive, abusive, defamatory, obscene or menacing; or in any way which we reasonably think will, or is likely to, affect how we provide the service to you or any of our customers.

5. Legal Obligations

5.1 We and our employees have no obligation to monitor transmissions made on the Service(s). However, we and our employees have the right to monitor such transmissions from time to time and to disclose the same in accordance with your Agreement.

5.2 By using the Service(s) to reproduce, publish, display, transmit and distribute content, you are warranting that the content complies with this Policy and you are authorising us and our employees to reproduce, publish, display, transmit and distribute such content as necessary for us to deliver the content in a timely manner when required through legal processes.

5.3 If you do not abide by the limitations of your Service(s), you will have action taken against them, not limited to, but including instant termination of your account without a refund.

5.4 Any decision made by us in relation to this Service shall be final.

6. Broadband Acceptable Use Policy


6.1.1 The Broadband Internet access component of your account is based on a contended service. This policy contains guidelines on how you can use this Service. We manage our network using prioritisation techniques to ensure that during busy periods time sensitive applications such as VoIP, email, gaming and web browsing are given priority over bandwidth intensive, non-time-sensitive applications such as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing. Traffic shaping is used to a greater or lesser extent on all our Broadband Services.

6.1.2 These guidelines are to give you a clear expectation as to what constitutes fair and reasonable account usage. You are bound by these guidelines we impose on you, as a user of the Service, in order that we can operate a reliable service for our customers.

6.1.3 If you do not abide by the limitations of this account, we will take action against you not limited to, but including, instant termination of your account without a refund.

6.1.4 Any decision made by us in relation to this Service shall be final.

Broadband Service Usage

7.3.1 Our Broadband residential Internet access package, designed for fast web browsing, speedy email collection and to offer a general improvement over the technology available through standard Internet access.

7.3.2 Our Broadband is not designed to sustain prolonged high-bandwidth, heavy-usage applications such as continuous Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing, heavy streaming video, binary downloads or other intensive uses.

7.3.3 Our Broadband is designed to ensure that Customers using the package as intended receive the optimum experience. High-bandwidth use, as outlined above, is therefore not recommended. Where the Service has been deemed to have been used inappropriately or to the detriment of the overall Service, reserves the right to take action against the account in question.

Version 1.0 270313

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