Frequently Asked Questions What is AirFast.net & Crockham Hill Community Interest Company (CHCIC)

AirFast.net was established and registered in July 2012 (Company No. 8127293 Registered Address: Hoppers, Pootings Road, Crockham Hill, TN8 6SA). It is financed by a combination of seed funding from KCC, the two AirFast.net directors and also from local residents. As a Community Interest Company all surpluses will be returned to the community and as there are no shareholders the company will be able to keep subscriber costs at a minimum. The company is well on the way to be totally self-financing and debt free. Remember this is a company run by experienced and successful business men who have extensive experience in High Tech businesses.

As a member of the community will I be able to influence the way AirFast.net spends its surpluses

Yes we welcome input from all our subscribers particularly on ways we can improve our service. I have skills that may be useful to AirFast.net can I help? Yes please, all the help we can get is gratefully received as we continue to expand our network. Whilst our directors are volunteers, all of our other colleagues are paid subcontractors.

Will AirFast.net’s wireless broadband reach me and what speeds might I expect?

If we can see your house from one of our transmitters then you will almost certainly be able to receive our broadband. If not we may install an intermediary transmission jump to reach you. Our standard offering is upto 24Mbps download and upto 6Mbps upload, package dependant.

How much will AirFast.net Community Broadband service cost me?

We offer three different domestic packages on a 24 month contract location dependant as follows:

  • Standard: up to 24Mbps download and upto 6Mbps upload - £25.00 Plus VAT per month in advance of service
  • Enhanced: now available in selected areas using our fibre connected transmitters

You can upgrade to any package at any time subject to availability.

Plus there will be an installation fee of £250.00 Plus VAT for a standard installation. Fee applies to all packages.

Please note the installation fee will depend on location and may vary as we expand our coverage.

Please contact us should you require a bespoke domestic package.

Business customers should contact us to discuss our business package rates.

What happens if you cannot see my home from your transmitters?

We are installing our network into many areas in and around Crockham Hill. If you cannot receive a signal currently please contact us and we will endeavor to extend the network to you.

How fast is AirFast.net broadband?

We currently offer speeds of up to 20Mbs download and upto 6Mbs upload depending on the package selected. Once our fibre backhaul is finished we will be able to offer a new range of faster packages if required.

Can I choose where the engineer installs the device and places the router?

Our engineer will discuss the best location for the device with you when he arrives at your property. While we will try to install the device where you wish, this may not always be possible due to the line of sight requirement to our mast, etc. The engineer will bring the cable into your property where you wish to have your router. Please note that there is a 15m cable run limit and any longer runs may incur additional installation costs.

Does the weather affect the wireless signal and thus speeds I receive?

Generally not. In some of the worst conditions, we have only ever seen a 5% drop in speeds over our network.

How secure is our wireless technology?

All our wireless transmissions are secured by industry standard industrial strength 256 bit AES encryption known as WPA2 along with several other measures to protect data transmitted over our network.

Does your service come with a static IP Address?

Yes it comes with a single static IP address, however once we finalise our PPPoE server the static IP will be dynamic for all except where a static IP is allocated specifically at an additional annual cost. Please note we reserve port 80 for our diagnostics.

Can I keep my current email address?

Your email address is normally ISP dependent. For example if you have a BT email address then you will have to contact BT and for a small fee they will allow you to keep your BT email address even if you leave BT. Other ISP’s may operate the same policy. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Etc are internet email services and are not affected. AirFast.net can operate with most email services, however those that tag your IP address to specific ports may not work, these are unusual configurations and require the email address and ISP to be the same domain. We cannot be responsible for the migration of email services and suggest you contact your supplier.

Do I need planning permission for the device placed on the exterior of my building?

Generally not although if you are in a conservation area, live in a listed building, or some other property restricted area, it is advisable you check with the appropriate authorities prior to when we come to install your service. It is your responsibility to gain permission should this be required.

What equipment will you install?

A standard wireless router and a small receiver usually on your chimney or similar, see image below of receiver mounted on the mast below the TV aerial.

How quickly can you connect me?

We aim to have you connected within 10 days of ordering our service, often much sooner.

Hever and Chiddingstone initial phase will have a start lead time of upto 30 days from 27th June 2014

Terms and Conditions Please see link http://airfast.net/terms for further Terms and Conditions and our Fair Access Policy

Contact us for further information at info@airfast.net