What we have funded

Crockham Hill School internal Wifi solution

Community contribution of £2250.00 Ex VAT

We were approached by the school to see if we could offer a better solution to their current ad-hoc wifi infrastructure.

We proposed and installed a solution utilising a campus series Ruckus wifi radio equipment to give seamless coverage in 6 areas within the school footprint.

Users were given restricted access to certain areas and networks depending upon their password and access. Guests were given a ticketing system that offers timed restricted access for the duration of their stay.

The school now have a fit for purpose wireless network for the staff, guests and children.

Andy Lakin-Hall, IT Manager, Crockham Hill CE Primary School, internal Wifi solution

“Crockham Hill CE Primary School was pleased to accept a tender from AirFast.net to provide us with a Ruckus wireless network system and additional network infrastructure. They were able to recommend the right options for us and expertly survey the site, accounting for the difficulties our school building had to offer. Their understanding and experience was clearly evident during the installation as they worked around unforeseen difficulties with the existing cabinet, solving the problem with skill. Their installation is absolutely first rate, and the new cabling is fitted unobtrusively and sensibly to a very high standard. Teaching staff returning to their classrooms after the installation didn't notice anything different. The new WiFi system is making a big positive impact on teaching already, as classes are now able to get the full set of wireless laptops online at the same time. Teachers can't afford to waste time worrying about getting good WiFi - and with the system AirFast.net have installed for us they don't have to - it just works! The equipment AirFast.net installed worked perfectly from the start and has continued to do so flawlessly. We wholeheartedly endorse AirFast.net and would recommend them to any other school interested in a similar project.”

Free local community connectivity

We have connected free of charge a number of community “Hot Spots” to help with the poor areas of coverage and to show how we can deliver a network to most areas. Access is free of charge in all the listed Pubs, just ask at the bar for the network name and password.

Royal Oak Pub Crockham Hill

Crockham Hill Community Village Hall

Wheatsheaf Pub Bough Beech

Carpenters Arms, Limpsfield Chart

St Andrews Church, Limpsfield Chart