was established in 2012 to provide High Speed Broadband to areas where residents had non-existent or very poor traditional broadband coverage. has established a hybrid fibre/wireless broadband network currently linking multiple nodes/transmitters to a number of fibre backhauls/connections to distribute our network to many customers across East Surrey and West Kent. Our expanding network has revolutionised not spots and had has provided many residents and businesses with a much needed and valuable broadband service. Our team of local entrepreneurs and businessmen have funded and built a state of the art modern network to meet the demanding needs of our modern internet devices.

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More than 300 subscribers have signed up to High Speed Broadband in the current subscriber catchment area around Crockham Hill, Toys Hill, Limpsfield Chart, Chartwell, Pootings, Bough Beech, Hever, and Chiddingstone. Following requests from Hever Parish Council and Chiddingstone Parish council, new basic infrastructure is being installed to provide additional capacity for these areas where up to 240 properties are located poor areas without high speed broadband. New connections in Hever and Chiddingstone have started. has been contacted by other local Parishes in non-spot areas and is in the process of undertaking feasibility studies to establish technical requirements and budget. was established with £50K seed funding from Kent County Council (KCC) via Westerham Parish Council and a further interest free loan of £75K from directors and several members of the community. As is a not for profit organisation all surpluses are returned to the benefit of the community. All surpluses accruing from monthly subscription are currently being used to slowly strengthen infrastructure and help with extending the network. In future surpluses may be distributed to community projects.

Both Hever Parish Council, Chiddingstone Parish Council and the Toys Hill community have provided limited funding to part finance the extension of the current network with Public funds for a basic service to their Parishes. Other parishes are in the process of taking similar steps. intends to remain a niche supplier providing hybrid wireless and fibre connections to rural not-spots. The current primary objective is to serve Parishes in our current subscriber catchment area and continue to serve the local community with essential modern communication services.